Lumbar Laminectomy

Alternatives do include continuing to live with the discomfort that you now have, the possibilities of continued physical therapy, and various pain- modifying methods. The procedure of lumbar laminectomy is done under general anesthesia. You are placed in a prone position on the operating table and an incision is made in the back. It will be necessary to move muscles and to remove some bone. It will be necessary to work close to and around the spinal cord and nerve roots. A portion of the disc may also be excised. There is no replacement for this disc and the area will heal with scar tissue. Approximately 75% of patients who undergo lumbar laminectomy have good to excellent results. This means that these people return to their former employment with some residual back pain. Most of the leg pain is relieved by the procedure; however, some back pain generally remains for a long period of time and sometimes permanently. Approximately 15% of patients who undergo lumbar laminectomy have to return to the operating room for a second procedure. This is usually due to a second disc that becomes ruptured or herniated, the need for fusion due to development of instability at the site of the disc level that was removed, and the possibilities of recurrent disc herniation at the same disc level that was removed.

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