Neck Pain

Neck Pain in The Woodlands, TX

When it comes to treating neck pain are you wondering where to turn? Here at Houston Advanced Spine, Dr. Cartwright and his team are experts in orthopedic care, specially trained to be able to swiftly and effectively diagnose, treat, and manage conditions and injuries that could be causing neck pain.

What causes chronic neck pain?

There are many reasons why someone might experience neck pain. The most common causes include,

  • Herniated disc
  • Pinched nerve
  • Strains
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Whiplash

If you’ve recently had a car accident or sports injury and are experiencing neck pain it’s important that you turn to an orthopedic surgeon who can diagnose and treat the condition as soon as possible. We have the latest diagnostic tools right here at our Houston practice, enabling Dr. Cartwright and his team to swiftly pinpoint the root cause so that they can begin crafting a customized treatment plan.

What are other symptoms that may occur with neck pain?

Along with neck pain, you may also experience stiffness, limited range of motion, headaches, shoulder pain, or even weakness in the arms and hands. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it’s important that you turn to us to find out what’s going on. We will ask you a variety of questions regarding your symptoms, their location, and when they occurred. If you’ve recently been in a car accident or sports injury we will need to know this. From there, we will decide which imaging tests to perform.

When should I see an orthopedic surgeon about my neck pain?

While a crick in the neck from sleeping in an awkward position probably won’t bring you into our office, it’s still important to recognize when you should turn to our team for care. After all, neck pain due to an underlying disorder or condition will only truly go away once we detect and treat the underlying issue. You should come into our office for an evaluation of your neck pain if it is,

  • Severe or persistent
  • Accompanied by weakness, numbness, or tingling in your arms
  • Impacting your daily activities
  • Not improving with rest and home care after a few days
  • Keeping you up at night
  • The result of an accident or injury

If you are living with neck pain, our orthopedic surgeon Dr. Cartwright and his team at Houston Advanced Spine is ready to help you feel better. To schedule an evaluation with us, call (281) 305-9533 today.

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